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Red Velvet Hair Color: Best Shampoos Color Treated Hair ~  Hair Style Guide Inspiration

, September 30th, 2013. Hair Style Guide, Red Velvet Hair Color.

images3 Red Velvet Hair Color

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is an actress who has perfect red velvet hair color. Red velvet is cake that has beautiful red color. If you going to choose red velvet as your new hair color, you have to considering several things and make preparation to get perfect color. But first, you have to ensure that your hair is in a good condition. Condition of your hair can affect your red velvet color.

red velvet cake1 Red Velvet Hair Color

Red Velvet Cake

You have to make decision how to do that. You want to dye your hair at home, or you want to go to the saloon and let the hair stylist to help you. If you decide to dye your hair at home, you have to look any information about the hair dye brands. Nowadays, there are hair dye brands available in the market. Choose the hair dye which have good quality. You must be careful when choosing product that gives you red velvet hair color. There are hair dye contains damage chemical. So, you better searching the product or brand information at internet to ensure you choose the safe hair dye.

5182bpaj rL Red Velvet Hair Color

Hair dye brand

But, not all people fit with this red velvet. Ask your hair stylist whether you match coloring your hair into red velvet or not. If you do not want to go to the salon, there are ways to know whether red velvet will look good in you. First, define your skin tone. Second, use virtual hair style. Internet provides links to visit virtual hair style. You can upload your photo there and change your hair into red velvet.

images21 Red Velvet Hair Color

Hair dye mixture

Before you start to color your hair, you have to read the product instruction carefully. Do not try to change combination while mixing the hair dye because you may get pale red velvet hair color. Use gloves while coloring your hair to protect your skin from discoloring. If you are not sure to do it by yourself at home, you can ask the hair stylist at the salon. Hair stylist usually knows which hair dye product that has good quality. Hair stylist also dyes your hair professionally, so you will get the best result.

Best Shampoos Color Treated Hair Red Velvet Hair Color

Hair colored shampoo

Your red velvet hair color can fade and it would be as good as the first color. So, you have to do some maintenance to your hair. Avoid sun light directly touch your hair. It makes your red velvet fade faster. Hat can be used to protect your hair. If you want to wash your hair, use regular shampoo is not recommended. Use hair colored shampoo to keep your hair color in a good color. Alter your hair color means you add chemical in your natural hair. It has risk to damage your hair. Hair colored shampoo helps you to avoid that risk and keep your hair stay in heath condition. Use the hair colored conditioner after you rinse your shampoo. Combination of hair colored shampoo and hair colored conditioner do double protection to your hair color. Hope this information helps you a lot and gives you inspirations.

tumblr m4b30lK7Gw1r1z3m4o2 500 Red Velvet Hair Color

Ariana Grande Picture

Red Velvet Hair Color: Red Velvet Cake1 ~  Hair Style Guide InspirationRed Velvet Hair Color: Images2 ~  Hair Style Guide InspirationRed Velvet Hair Color: 5182bpaj RL ~  Hair Style Guide InspirationRed Velvet Hair Color: Tumblr_m4b30lK7Gw1r1z3m4o2_500 ~  Hair Style Guide Inspiration

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